Organizing is a never ending chore, That plus it can change so easily and you have to start all over from the begining. Each person has their own way of thinking. My sister Carol and I think quite a bit allike. We celebrate the times we think differently. One of those times came when she asked me to help her organize her scrap room. She had plenty of 12x12 drawers for papers and I went at it. she couldnt find a thing! Well maybe not couldn’t, but it took her longer. Turns out her brain thinks alphabetically. (You suppose that has anything to do with her working at a bank?) Me...I think rainbow. ROY-G-BiV. and that is how I arranged her solid color papers. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Purple (Violet). we re-arranged them to her way of thinking and she has an easier time finding things. (Blue, Green, Orange Purple, Red Yellow)

  With digital scrapping, organizing gets a bit more difficult. I started out downloading only blog trains. I thought I would never post on-line so I didn’t keep track of designers. That and I seperated the kits putting like items went in one folder, papers in another (by color group) etcetera.   

   When Carol went on a cruise with Bev, I cruised around Gingerscraps site. I found the challenges and my digi scrap life took a sharp turn. Now I needed the designer name to give credit and I felt I should be keeping kits together instead of seperating things. Putting kits back together was a mess (my husband was convinced all I did was organize files!)  There have been a few false starts and re-thinking needs along the way. Jan has also helped with her tutorials. I have found using the designers thumbnails and relabeling them to be a big help with searching. In her 2017.04.04 WSNH Tips and Tricks tut came the idea of labeling templates. I chose to use s#photo spots and d#photo spots on the jpegs of the templates. (if it’s a double layout I add s# for each side also). This got me thinking about what could be done for the kits. I keep all the kits from each designer in a folder labeled with that designers name. That doesn’t help when looking for a specific type of kit like photography or beach or tropical. So I have taken (sometimes have to copy) each kit thumbnail and add what category I would put the kit in. I added a 1 before the category to make it easier for the computer to search. I also search for specific colors so its great when a designer includes a thumbnail of the solid colors that I can put 1blue 1red 1yellow... or what ever colors are in the kit. if the designer doesn’t include thumbs of the color pallette I make another copy of the kit thumb and use that or occasionally if I’m in the mood I will make my own thumb of the solid colors to use.    

   ‘With a little patience and a lot of effort I can now easily search through all my kits to find which kit has a pre designed border, cluster, mask, or style in it. I can search for a subject or color. My font file is a work in progress and recently I decided there are so many nice alphabets in the kits and I dont use them so it’s time to figure out what to search for when I do want one. (shout out to Jan... my titles are getting more interesting thanks to your tutorials!) Now, if I could only get over being in the middle of an orginization project and thinking of another way to sort!     

Kit: Happy Go Lucky - Dandelion Dust Designs

Solid Color Thumbnails - Round & Round_Boomers Girl Designs

Children’s Museum Thumbnail - Clever Monkey Graphics

Good Times Template Thumbnail - Dear Friends Designs

Mask Thumbnail - PrelP_TripToTheOcean

A Taste Of Christmas Thumbnail - Gingerbread Ladies

Styles Thumbnail - oll_Freezing

Alphabet Thumbnails - Princess Runners_Wimpychompers

Font: Arizona