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Journaling: Fifty years since the Chiefs last appeared in the Super Bowl, they head to Miami to take on the 49ers. It seems that everyone in this region is caught up in the excitement and people are flying the Chiefs colors proudly. KC Chiefs apparel is now accepted as formal wear (even at the theater), businesses of all sorts are getting into the spirit in creative ways. Even my Starbucks cup (Morgan took me for coffee for a late birthday celebration)! Our neighbors created hay art in honor of the big game. Children and adults alike are sporting a hairstyle in tribute to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. 

Watching the news and the social media feeds, it looks like everyone from the state has found their way to Miami this weekend! However, to watch the game live, fans paid thousands of dollars. I saw somewhere that the cheapest tickets cost over $4,800. While it is too soon to tell exactly what the final average ticket prices will be, this could end up being one of the most expensive Super Bowls of all time.

Despite the outcome of the game, it’s been fun to see everyone get excited and join together to celebrate the local team’s success. 02/02/2020