Since 2006, our local newspaper has conducted a digital Easter egg hunt. Columnist Joe Blundo creates 10 riddles describing locations in and around Franklin Co. OH where eggs have been digitally "hidden." Participants figure out the clues and send their answers to the newspaper. The winner receives a small prize. While not competing in the contest, my sister and I have had a lot of fun figuring out the clues and taking pictures at each site. We've learned so much about the amazing city in which we grew up. I do layouts after each of the hunts. This is riddle #10 from 2017. "Winnie Waymarker," my "travel troll" enjoys appearing, either in a photo or digitally added, on all of these layouts.

Monthly observations about the capital of Ohio (no, NOT Cleveland)

In the Ohio Statehouse basement, known as the Crypt, inlaid in the floor, is a map of the state showing all 88 counties, including Wood, Noble, Greene, and Brown.  Clinton Co. (between Brown and Greene) was named for George Clinton, the 4th Vice President of the United States (under Jefferson and Madison). He also served in the French & Indian War, was a member of the Continental Congress and the NY Assembly, and was the first governor of NY.

In this basement you’ll find that just a few paces
Takes you to no less than 88 places,
Wood’s carved in stone, and one could say
There’s a noble locale (in a literal way),
The egg’s between “colors” on a spot giving due
To a man twice elected to be No. 2.
 ANSWER: On the Clinton Co. "spot" on the 88-county map in the "Crypt" at the Statehouse.
CREDITS: PHOTOS: by me; "Magazine Page Template" - Elizabeth's Market Cross; KIT: "Toujours" - collab; FONT: OldNewspaperType