On our first Valentine's Day together, Scott came home from work while I was still sleeping and woke me up with a knock on the door.  When I opened it, he was standing on our porch, blushing, with this rose in one hand and a mylar balloon shaped like a heart in the other.  I didn't know how to respond, so I gave him a hug and a kiss, then went to put the flower in some water.  He kept on saying that he wanted to buy a dozen roses but they cost too much, and I kept telling him that one rose meant as much to me as a dozen would to someone else!  It was the first time I had celebrated Valentine's Day with anyone, and the first Valentine's gift I'd received from someone I loved.  I didn't know how to reciprocate, so I bought him a balloon, too, but a couple days later.  I hadn't even thought about buying him anything because I'd never actually celebrated the holiday outside of school.

I used 2 papers from “Toujours” by Key Lime Digi Design & The Cherry On Top, an element from “Happiness Is” by the GingerBread Ladies/Alexis Design Studio, an element from “Fluent in Sarcasm” by Studio Jx2, and an element from this month’s mini kit by Connie Prince.