I love crafting of all kinds, but especially papercrafting.  I inherited my mom's crafting supplies, including a notebook-making business.  I don't make money doing it, really; it's more for fun and to teach people that they can do this, too.  The top picture is a Bible journal piece I did with two mittens, one representing Christmas and the other representing Easter, with houses with quotes representing what each holiday means to me in terms of my spirituality.  The middle picture is my craft desk in the middle of a project to make little trees out of glitter cardstock and pipe cleaners.  They actually turned out pretty cute.  The bottom picture is of my booth at a craft fair and shows some of the notebooks I made.

I used “January Life 2020” by Tinci Designs for the template, titles from “Get Crafty” and “Crafty Xmas” by MagsGraphics, and everything else came from “Better Together” by Jumpstart Designs.