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JOURNALING: We are doing our best to stay positive during the newly-called pandemic. We are washing our hands and maintaining social distance as much as possible. We are still trying to support local business, and I’m enjoying more quality time with Randy. At work, we’ve been told to limit all business travel. It’s been so strange to see my typically packed calendar open up. Now that I have so much more free time instead of traveling, I’ve been cleaning the house and working on making yummy meals at home. Who knows, I may actually try to figure out how to use that instapot that Randy purchased more than a year ago! That is, of course, if the craziness settles down and grocery stores are restocked. During a shopping trip yesterday, I managed to get the last gallon of milk, but there was no hamburger to be found. It makes me grateful that we are already Hello Fresh subscribers and we have groceries delivered to us each week, and I’m lucky that we both have careers where we can successfully work from home. With schools and businesses closing, I hope we’re doing enough to get through this crazy situation soon. March 17, 2020