CHERRY PIE - When I was a 9 year old, fourth grade student at South Lawn Elementary School in Amarillo, Texas, we had the most wonderful, freshly baked Cherry pies at lunch. It wasn’t everyday but at least every other week and it was always a special treat as it was my favorite pie. The cooks always gave the teachers and administrators large slices of pie and about half that size to each of the students. One day I was going through the lunch line with my favorite teacher, Mrs. Brian, just ahead of me and I made the comment to her that when I grew up I wanted to be a teacher too. That pleased her a great deal and she asked, with a broad smile on her face, why I wanted to be a teacher. I replied, “Because teachers get a bigger piece of Cherry Pie!!” I don’t think that was the answer she expected.

Kit: Wild Cherries by Raspberry Road Designs