Mousescrapps SoS Speed Scrap #238
1. 3 pictures - done
2. black border - done
3. Most of your background should be solid. (mine is solid, but with the addition of all the scatters, it looks like a starry background)
4. striped paper - under my journal box
5. ribbon - across page says "The Force"
6. Insert a 2 word title (at least 2) - ended up with 3
7. Put in at least 3 scatters - I ended up with 8 (a set of blue stars and silver star in each corner)

Using: Studio Flergs - RTM/BIM Galaxy Wars
Magical Scraps Galore - Galactic Adventure
HALF PACK 217 Template 1 by Cindy Schneider
plus other misc. that I lost track of.
*Falcom schematic found on internet