Gingerscraps - Survivor 2020 Week 1 {Follow The Recipe} Challenge

Magical Scraps Galore - Galactic Adventure

Miss Fish Templates - Traveler's Notebook 3 template


Layout must include at least the below listed "recipe". 1 Wordart - from MSG kit "No Droids"2 Photos - 5 photos used3 Ribbons or Trims - white rickrack, gold knotted ribbon and silver twisted ribbon6 Different Patterned Papers - navy hyperspace (BG), blue celestial (journal mat), silver "grid" (Journal area), beige/brown stone ("pages" of notebook), red geometric (small reddish strips), blue with yellow star (flag) 4 Buttons - 4dark grey/blue (3 on left and 1 upper right)5 Flowers (2 orange, 3 silver, 1 brown)1 Finishing Touch {Glitter} Add glitter to your page, it can be just a touch or a whole bunch. (Aimee Harrison Silver & Gold kit for the gold glitter added to left side)

Journal Reads:We had finally made our way into Oga's Cantina. Jamie & Jeremy had grabbed a reservation that was at the end of their time slot and the beginning of ours so we could all go in together. The Cantina has a 2 drink & 45 minute maximum, but that is all you really need. Honestly, just one of the sugary "space" drinks is all I need. Really, I just love the atmosphere. DJ Rex is up there playing the hits and it is so great when he plays "Mad About Me" by Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes (you know, the Mos Eisley Cantina song). Check it out with QR code to the right.The bartenders at Oga's handle us "smugglers' pretty well. The upside to being at the bar is you can get their attention and get more drinks easier than at the tables, but you do have to stand the whole time. I had the Blue Bantha which is Blue Milk served with a bantha-inspired vanilla-butter sugar cookie. (I didn't love the cookie, but the blue milk was better than the one served outside). Kelly had the Blurrgfire again (it is super spicy with habanero-lime salt and makes your mouth pucker since it so sour), Fina & Ry had the Jabba Juice (Simply orange, pineapple, kiwi, cantaloupe & popping pearls), Conner had the Carbon Freeze which fizzes and has popping pearls and Frank likes the Mad Motivator IPA beer.