Erin’s sister Anna and I regularly text funny pictures of our cats, memes, and selfies using different filters.  She found the new filters on Facebook Messenger before I had a chance to, so that’s what we’ve been doing since the pandemic was declared, to keep each other’s spirits up.  These are some of mine that I took on 3/20/20.

I made a frame out of the lattice from “Like Them Apples” by the GingerBread Ladies/Trixie Scraps.  I used a paper and an alpha from “Moonlit,” a paper from the September 2019 mini kit, a cluster from “Be Bold,” a border from “You’re the Best,” a paper from “For You Mini Add-On,” an element from the July 2019 mini kit, an element from “Let’s Stay Home,” and a paper and a label from “Doctor, Doctor:  Pandemic,” all by Connie Prince.