My favorite thing about spring is watching the first flowers bloom.  For me, those have always been the little violets that grow best in clearings between trees and in random flowerbeds lining the sidewalks, where they sometimes have been planted and other times have just volunteered to grow.  The backyard of the house I grew up in would be covered by a thick carpet of these violets, volunteers that would come back year after year.  They always were the first flowers to bloom in our yard, and I always considered that to be the true start of spring.  I would wait for them to bloom, running home to check the backyard first thing before entering the house.  We don't have them in our yard now, but I love to see them growing unexpectedly in other places.

I used a stacked paper from “A Trip to DC:  US Botanic Garden” by ADB Designs and the GS challenge brush from Sept. 2019 by Shepherd Studio.