Credits: Deck The Tree by Laurie’s Scraps & Designs


Let's get acquainted January question: “What was the favorite Christmas ornament you placed on your tree and why?”


Pretty realistic looking kitten ornament, isn't it? Hehe, when Kaline was a kitten she loved climbing in the Christmas tree or, as I'm sure she knew it, the "cat toy tree." The first time we saw her in the tree I didn't even know it was a cat I was looking at. I just saw two lights shining in a weird place that I didn’t remember putting them. When I got a little closer I realized it was the kitten in the middle of the tree. I had the presence of mind to make sure there were no breakable ornaments on the bottom of the tree, but I hadn't thought of having to carefully remove the kitten so as not to disturb the rest of the tree. I got this picture a few days later. It was so hard to scold her because she was so darn cute. But the more breakable ornaments were in the middle of the tree where she was. 


Now for my favorite actual ornament!


I could easily say that every ornament on my tree is a favorite because most of my ornaments that have a special memory or person attached to them. I wanted to add more angels because I wanted the angels to represent the entire world, and especially all of the special people in my world. 

When I saw this ornament I grabbed it and was buying it no matter what the price tag said. It was Tracy, one of my dearest friends. At the time that I bought the ornament Tracy even wore her hair short and straight it was absolutely Tracy as an angel. When she saw the ornament after I bought it she put her hand next to the angel’s face and she noted that the angel not only had her hair but it was a perfect match to the mocha tone of her skin.

A number of years later my niece, Rina, who was about 4 at the time, looked at the ornament and fell in love with it saying “it's me as an angel!” because she held a teddy bear. I told her it was an ornament I’d had for a long time and I called her Tracy. She agreed that the angel looks like Tracy but because it held a teddy bear she and Tracy could share the ornament.

Now I easily see the ornament as my favorite because it reminds me of two people that I absolutely love without condition.