I used a template from Scrapping With Liz called Artsy Journal Template 48. I got it from the Lily Pad. 

I used Just So Scrappy's kit Chasing Rainbows https://store.gingerscraps.net/Chasing-Rainbows-Digital-Scrapbooking-Kit.html. 


I used the border and stamp from Chase The Sun by Designs by Connie Prince https://store.gingerscraps.net/Chase-The-Sun-Kit.html. I recolored the elements.


I figured that I should document this story. We were in Roatan, Honduras in 2012 visiting our son. He arranged a guide and we paddled out to a place we could snorkel. My son told our guide not to lose his mother. I had no idea why he said that. Anyway, the guide and I were snorkeling. Unfotunately, Robert didn’t get to snorkel as he was having major problems with his safety vest. Anyway, the guide and I were snorkeling and it was an amazing world under the ocean. Lots and lots of different species of fish. I actually followed a bunch of schools of them at different times. I suddenly realized that my guide wasn’t with me. So, I popped up out of the water and looked around. There was nothing but ocean. Land was far, far away. Luckily, I had enough stamina to make it back to where we started. Then I heard all about how our guide and Robert had been calling and calling for me and panicking. I was fine, but Martin was not happy that I got myself lost. When we went again in 2016 he had a frriend with a boat take me snorkeling. He had not forgotten the first time and he made sure this time that the ocean was shallow enough that I couldn't get lost or lose my guide.