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Page 2 journaling:

When I was a little girl Kaline was my favorite Tiger at the end of his 22 year career.

There was a point in my adult life where I started the custom of "take Mommy out to the ballgame" every Mother's Day. That tradition started with a Tigers game. She absolutely loved that! 

Since I was a teenager I wanted to one day have an orange tiger striped cat to name after our Kaline. In 2005 David and I were found by an orange stripey kitten that became our Alexis Kaline. When I got this fantastic picture of her I really thought about mailing a copy of it to the man she was named after. I'm kind of sad now that I didn't.

In 1996 and 97 I worked in the scoreboard operations for the Tigers. Al Kaline was in the front office at that time. I didn't get to meet him, Mom and I had season tickets for his Rockers indoor soccer team, I met Mike Ilitch a couple of times. I knew him as Mike although everybody that worked for him called him Mr. Ilitch. I always thought if there was anyone at Tiger Stadium that should be addressed as Mr., it was Mr. Kaline.