A mix of memories found at Mom’s.  Photos:  my special shoes with brace for nighttime sleeping; Grandma & Grandpa T. at Lost Lake; me reading to my stuffed animals in my room, facing away from the door; computer-generated image of me done at the children’s fair in 1984; Mom, Dad, and me before the divorce was finalized; Norwegian word list; me with Uncle Bill at Kah-nee-tah; a poem I wrote about being allergic to pets; photos & map from a trip to the Midwest; my second stuffed animal that Mom told me had been thrown away but I found at her house after she died; me walking our dog, Trixie; various glass jars and cookie cutters that we used with clay at my 8th birthday party that were still out in the garage at Mom’s after she died.

I used photo spots & frames and splatters from all of the “Dapper Chap” templates.  All the papers are from “Warm & Cozy,” “Surf Is Up,” Like, Totally Awesome,” Summer Birthday,” Hooray 4 Today,” and “Follow Your Soul.”  Everything except my photos is from JBS.