Since my monitor is 1920x1080, I took the template and placed it on a background paper.  The Norwegian flag on the butterflies is a picture my nephew took on Norwegian Constitution Day (May 17th) 2013.  The birch bark background is a photo by Thomas Drouault on Unsplash.  I also used 2 flowers from “Bring on Spring” by the GingerBread Ladies/Key Lime Digi Design, 1 flower from “So You Had a Bad Day” by the Gingerbread Ladies/Wimpychompers, a flower from “Positivity” by the GingerBread Ladies/BoomersGirl Designs, a flower (partially recolored) from “A Chill in the Air” by MagsGraphics, a flower from “Captured” by CathyK Designs, and a leaf from “The Little Things” by JoCee Designs.