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Often my daughter and her husband will take friends and family for a pontoon  ride on Lake Norman, NC.  If it is not too windy my daughter will tell the historyof the lake.  Here is what she usually tells them. Lake Norman is a man-made lake created in 1959 when Duke Power built several dams and allowed the flooding of the Catawba River. We meet at Long Island Marina to begin our pontoon Adventure!  Long Island Marina was once the property that housed the Long Island Cotton Mill.  As we leave the marina located on the north-end of the lake, we head south.  We pass by an island known as ‘Million Dollar Island’.   One of the only islands that is developed.   The homes here can reach in excess of 1 million dollars.  They have a private bridge that crosses from the mainland and is maintained by the island owners.  As Duke Power started developing the land around the lake, they created numerous subdivisions. They would take one of the  lake-front lots and designate it is as the ‘community’ boat slip lot.  This enabled them to sell the lots not directly located on the lake, with a deeded boat slip and therefore lake access, resulting in higher priced lot sales. The lake is approximately 35 miles long and has about 500+ miles of shoreline.  The average depth is 25 feet but can reach in excess of 100 feet in some places. Shallow areas in the lake are marked with buoy’s that say “Shoal’. Since the lake was created by flooding existing land, the natural topography means the land underneath the water is hilly and thus a shoal. As we continued to make our way south on the lake to the Hwy 150 bridge.This is a 2-lane bridge that connects residents from the Sherrill’s Ford, Terrell and Denver areas to Mooresville. Along the way we point out some of the beautiful homes but also notice some of the wild life. Notably the Osprey (not sure of the spelling) bird nests. These birds are related to the eagle family and build their nests high in the power poles. We circled back around and made our way back to the marina.