Third week of the stay-at-home order:  (1) Selfie with Dare  (2) Shadow climbed underneath the blanket and became a moving lump.  Freya didn't see him climb under there, so she had no idea why this mysterious lump would be coming at her!  She hissed, and he poked his head out to show that it was just him.  (3) The second picture shows their priceless reactions!  (4) Rainbow has now discovered that it's much more fun to play jingle ball in the tub at 3 am than it is to bat it around the floor during the day  (5) Like most restaurants, Burgerville is doing drive-thru and delivery only  (6) Rainbow still has a lot of fun  with the jingle ball in the hall  (7) Freya (on my pillow) and Shadow won't let me lie down on the  bed!   The mask is for my CPAP.  (8) Scott ordered soy nut butter from Amazon because we were having trouble finding it in stores.  He got the 2 kg containers (two of them!) but didn't know how much that would actually be.  Now we don't have to worry about that for a while!

I used the template from February 2020 from LDrag Designs, numbers from “Dapper Chap” by Laurie’s Scraps, 4 papers & 1 element from “Doctor, Doctor:  Pandemic” by Connie Prince, 2 papers & 1 paint from “Beautiful Inside” by Alexis Design Studio, word art from “Doctor On Call:  Corona” by MagsGraphics, an element from “Take a Selfie” by Laurie’s Scraps, word art from “Meow-Ments” by Made by Keuntje, word art from “Band Life” by MagsGraphics, word art from “Summer Bucket List” by the GingerBread Ladies/Key Lime Digi Design, word art from “Traveler’s Notebook Mini” by Miss Fish, and 2 elements from “Sugar & Spice Bakery” by the GingerBread Ladies/Connie Prince/Shepherd Studio.