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Recipe for delicious bejgli.

Bejgli can be translated to "roll",it's a popular pastry in Central and Eastern Europe, for example in Hungary.


Crush 20 dkg of butter or margarin with 60dkg flour,  and add 10 dkg powdered sugar and 2 egg yolks to the mix. Add one drop of 

salt to half dl of milk and add 3 dkg yeast, and wait for it to activate. Add the activated yeast and 2 dl sour milk to the flour 

mix and knead it. The pasta must rest in a cool place for 2 hour.



Boil 2,5 dl water with 25 dkg sugar and 4 tablespoons of honey. Take 50 dkg walnut and grind one half and crumble the other half. Add 

all the prepared walnut to the boiling water. After it cooks take it off the stove, flavor the mix with 10 dkg raisins, rum, one 

teaspoon of ground coffee, one drop of ground cinnamon, 2 coffespoons of apricot jam and vanilla sugar. The pasta must cool off completely 

before we spread the filling.

Poppy seed:

 We cook syrup out of 27 dkg sugar and 3 tablespoons of honey. We put 50 dkg poppy seed to the syrup. After taking it of the stove, we flavor 

it with 10 dkg raisins, the grated shell of one lemon, small amount of ground cinnamon and a little rum.


After spreading the fillings on the pasta we roll them, spread egg on them and we bake them on constant fire to a nice red color.