Finding Some Normal

In Sharing What’s Not Normal


Credits: You’re The Best by North Meets South Designs


Journaling: I admit I love late night talk sows. I’m not a democrat, but I admit I’m not insulted if someone calls me one anymore. The hosts I like best pull at my left of what used to be center with a laugh, sometimes a loud one ,and now, like I suppose many others, they help keep me sane.

The first shows with  audiences of appropriately distanced crew members brought their own kind of humor to me as someone who worked in the TV and got the backstage jokes. As Trever yah sang  his sing about “going to miss his audience,” and  Stephen Colbert signed off from is third show at home with the sentiment that he’d be back whenever they could return t the Ed Sullivan Theater, I shed a tear and said “Don’t go, we need to to keep us sane.”

Fortunately  the network advertising incomes felt those many viewer tears as the shows my psyche needs returned from cast homes. Wednesdays are still my favorite with Full Frontal from Samantha Bee’s backyard with video and social media interviews, The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah and A Late Show from Stephen Colbert’s home. They aren’t crisp and full of audience laughter like they used to be, the interviews aren’t as intimate as far to facd ones are and the bands’ music is coordinated via phone or video and mixed, but they are real and coping, and providing a little real coping ideas  too.

Thank You!