Every spring, we had Spirit Week at school.  One of the days was always "Clash Day," one was always "Color Wars," and one was always "Crazy Hat Day."  The rest varied from year to year and school to school.  For "Crazy Hat Day" in 5th grade, I wanted to do something that resembled "tacky sweaters" for Christmas.  I got a white bucket hat, wrote "crazy hat" all over it in fabric pen, and safety-pinned random single socks to it!

I used a template from “My Happy Place” by the GingerBread Ladies/The Cherry On Top, 4 elements from “My Happy Place” by the GingerBread Ladies/Aprilisa/Lindsay Jane Designs/Snickerdoodle Designs, 3 papers & an alpha from “Road Trip” by the GingerBread Ladies/Miss Fish/Heather Z Scraps/Miss Mis Designs, a paper from “Travelogue:  Wisconsin” by Connie Prince, a paper from “Live Life On Purpose” by Snickerdoodle Designs, an alpha & an element from “Toujours” by Key Lime Digi Design & The Cherry On Top, an element from “Cozy” by Neia Scraps, an element from “Dreaming of Winter” by Aimee Harrison, an element from “Over the Hill” by the GingerBread Ladies/Wimpychompers, and 2 elements from “Dapper Chap” by Laurie’s Scraps.