Two of my sisters (Dorothy and Carol) were traveling from WI to TN to visit with another sister, Audrey. I was hoping that I would be able to join them. I was waiting to hear which dates they would be in Tennessee. They ended up deciding on the dates at the last minute. While on a phone conversation Dorothy asked my work schedule. Dorothy told me she would come to NC to get me and bring me back home.  Carol knew what Dorothy was doing, but they didn’t tell Audrey.  Dorothy left the day after they arrived at Audrey’s to come get me.   Audrey was really upset with Dorothy because she came to visit but left the next day.  I live in NC, it is about a 6 hour drive between my home and Audrey's so it was late when we arrived back in Tennessee. Dorothy and I snuck in the house and I sat in Audrey’s favorite chair.  Audrey was in the other room working on her computer and was asked to come into the living room for a minute. The look on her face when she saw me sitting in her chair was priceless!While we were all together, we were able to go out for pizza with Vicki and her family, and to a steak house with Tom and his family. When it was time for me to go back to NC, all four of us sisters enjoyed the trip home.  My kids were able to come over for a visit when we got there.