Credits: Sick Day by Laurie’s Scraps, Public Use clippings


I do my yearly projects diary and old-school scrapbook style. Instead of a photo every day I write down a comment about the day every day and I use a combination of photographs and topical clippings, even a joke cartoon now and then. I don't always post my weekly layouts for two reasons: first they take a long time to finish! (My MS makes me type even worse than I did before it and when I use speech to text I still have to go back and fix the mistakes the technology makes because it's not perfect.) Second, being that instead of photos I write personal thoughts every day, some days are more personal than I want to post. (Plus because it takes so long, I'm kind of behind a few weeks and I often have to decide if I'm going to do a couple of weekly diary pages or if I'm going to do challenges!)


Wednesday, 5/6:  !!No it's not a Spanish sentence but it's a Panera day!! That's worth starting and ending a sentence with double exclamation points. I’m not only going to have latte but Summer Corn Chowder is back and I also have Bacon Turkey Bravo for lunch tomorrow. Yay!



Thursday, 5/7: David was out early and the catheter bag got really full before my session with Cara. He did manage to get in empty my bag and leave during my session end it didn't take very long. Cara said he sounded like he was in a good mood. That changed the duration of our session for a few minutes.


Because of things missing from establishments during quarantine, lunch was a cherry slushy and a chicken sandwich from BK. No onion rings. NO ONION RINGS? How the heck does that happen? All the walking people are eating my onion rings. Stupid coronavirus. Lunch was saved by the Bacon Turkey Bravo I almost forgot from yesterday. (Not a fan of Burger King’s chicken sandwiches)


David brought home my pint of Jack Daniels tonight!



Friday, 5/8: You know what really sucks about quarantine for so long? And this isn't just me, it's documented going on with a lot of people. You lose track of what day it is. What's worse is when you're trying to document a little bit about every day and miss a few days… You don't really remember what went on. That's today as written on Sunday. Andria was here this morning so, I know everything was clean. I also know I've used hand sanitizer today because I do that a few times every day.



Saturday, 5/9: I've been shopping today. I moved money into my main account so I could use PayPal and I’m now officially under $1000 in savings with no income. But it's worth it. I've been searching for coffee mugs for my friends, family members and the aides and nurses the are my caregivers who are out there on the front lines, that is they are out there working with the public because they are "essential people.” There are some pretty cool coffee mugs. I love finding the right ones for Tori, Rina, Andria, Karina, Jessica, Diana, Lillian, Lisa, Pop and David. It's about $200 worth of my coffee mugs but it's people that are worth WAY more than $200 EACH anyway.