Credits: Sick Day by Laurie’s Scraps, Public Use clippings


I do my yearly projects diary and old-school scrapbook style. Instead of a photo every day I write down a comment about the day every day and I use a combination of photographs and topical clippings, even a joke cartoon now and then. I don't always post my weekly layouts for two reasons: first they take a long time to finish! (My MS makes me type even worse than I did before it and when I use speech to text I still have to go back and fix the mistakes the technology makes because it's not perfect.) Second, being that instead of photos I write personal thoughts every day, some days are more personal than I want to post. (Plus because it takes so long, I'm kind of behind a few weeks and I often have to decide if I'm going to do a couple of weekly diary pages or if I'm going to do challenges!)


Sunday, 5/10  Andria was sorting pills and organizing the week for TWO hours! That's gonna be a much simpler job once we have everything sorted out after having used ExactCare's single packs and PillPack for a while. If the doctor changes one pill and it goes to the prepackaged pill pharmacy I end up with all kinds of extra plastic packages and a bunch of bottles of pills. That's what I wanted to avoid using that service. Once everything gets sorted out filling the new containers every Sunday will get a lot easier and eventually use up all the extra pills that I've already paid for. Needless to say there was a lot of stuff that didn't get done today. Hopefully we can save the delicada squash tomorrow.


Yesterday was a great day for weird dreams I fell asleep before dinner and when I woke up I was still in the middle of the dream where I thought there were werewolves in the house. Later, I fell asleep during Idiotest. I dreamt Ben Gleib introduced me it was as his "sister in TV" and the mispronounced my name, really butchered it. Then I woke up halfway through the last show of the weekend initially thinking I missed the rest of the show I was in and couldn't even remember if I got the answer right. I quickly realized that was a dream probably brought on by playing the test online in the afternoon. SMH



Monday, 5/11: Andria did hair washing and chair bath today. She admitted she was more comfortable doing a bed bath than a wheelchair bath and I told her next time move me to the bed no problem. I'm looking forward to getting a thorough leg stretching on Wednesday because I've had some serious pain the past weekend.




Tuesday, 5/12: My therapy appointment was scheduled for 1 o'clock today and I ended up having to cancel it because the sewer overflow that we had yesterday had to be worked on. I heard David complaining about how much money it was gonna cost but it needed done and it ended up taking about 2 1/2 hours for them to finish so I would have no privacy for a therapy appointment. My therapist understood and I'm not getting charge for the appointment and we have running water that doesn't back up in the basement again.