Credits: doctor. doctor.: pandemic by  Connie Prince



Journaling: While David is working from home MY regular days have changed during the week a lot. No TV for white noise, no phone calls because MS makes it hard for me to hold the phone so I use speaker. I don't even “write” a lot because the dexterity in my hands is very limited, so I use speech to text.


But on this cloudy Sunday afternoon I was quietly talking to the computer to write a journal entry for a scrapbook page and I noticed that it was VERY quiet. Both of the cats were sound asleep in the window and David had stretched out on the couch and was also asleep. 


When the door opened and Andria came in for her 2 PM shift, the cats raised their heads but didn't bother getting off the cedar chest to greet her and David didn't budge. Although when I introduced her to the house of sleep where David didn't even wake up he did say "I'm awake I just didn't feel like moving."