It’s April in New Jersey and the state has shut down pretty much everything because of COVID-19. Ever since grandson Benjamin was born 3 years ago, we have gone to babysit every week. That didn’t change when Baby Sarah came along nearly a year ago. But COVID is here and what can a Grammy do? I drew a picture of the three of us under a rainbow and drove up to sit outside their window to see them. Benjamin was so happy to see me, he kept jumping and jumped right off the couch. When COVID is over, I am going to race up to see them again and squeeze the stuffing out of them!


Son’s text before my visit: I told Benjamin that you are coming up today. He got excited and told me he gets to watch Talking Tom and have an Altoid. I told him we could only see Grammy from the windows because of COVID but maybe she can give you an Altoid.


LATER: We loved seeing you in person. Benny was so excited when you pulled up .. he kept yelling at you from the front window “Grammy’s here! Grammy, go to the back yard!”


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