I have always been able to express myself when major negative events happen. I did a photo video after 9/11 and sent it via email to everyone on my list and I encouraged them to share it. I actually received a thank you note telling me that creative people were there to express emotions that other people couldn't find words to express. 

I wrote a couple of beautiful poems after my mother passed. She was the poet, not me, and yet I was able to write a couple of very good and emotional poems that were not the funny types that I usually write.

Right now I have a creative block. There are so many negative things in the world. I have a cousin and a good friend who have recovered from COVID-19 and with my own autoimmune system challenges from MS my doctor put me on quarantine back in February. The current protests and the vile acts which spawned them trouble me because they are issues I thought should be long gone by this point in time. Instead people I love as part of my family are in constant danger because of the color of their skin? And there are so many people putting themselves in danger as they follow the advice of government officials who are more concerned about money than the safety of their constituents and they are many places the coronavirus numbers are rising again. That plus there are still too many people that believe that it doesn't affect them directly so it doesn't matter. I just don't know where to start expressing everything that I'm feeling. And it's leaving me with no creative mojo and so much that desperately wants to come out.


Credits: Gloomy Days by Magical Scraps Galore, Melancholy by Connie Prince, Hello From The Inside by Scrappin Serenity, Pandemic by Boomers Girl Designs, Just Love by Miss Mis Designs, When Skies Are Gray by GingerBread Ladies, I’m A Mess by Luv Ewe Designs


Journaled lines:

The virus is still out there. It doesn't care if we're tired of fighting it. 

All lives matter? As long as ANY lives don't matter NO lives matter.

Leaders lead by example. Children cower with defiance.