For my 9th birthday, I requested a picnic in the backyard at Grandma & Grandpa T.'s.  It was a perfect day for it, too!  Everyone surprised me by putting my presents out on the long picnic table, so we had presents outside rather than going inside like we normally did.  Even better, the table with the presents was set out and arranged in the garage with a sheet over it so I couldn't see what it was, then I had to close my eyes while it was brought out!  The best presents I got that year were my uncle's favorite stuffed animal, a dog named Floppy, and a favorite board game that they used to play when my dad and uncle were that age, Silly Safari.  I took a picture of all my "guests":  Dad, Grandma, David, and Grandpa.  Yes, Grandpa is wearing one of the crepe paper streamers as a scarf, just for fun!

I used the challenge mini kit "Strawberry Lemonade" by Snickerdoodle Designs.