7-7-20:  This little fledgling is actually a baby starling!  They nest every year in our chimney, but this year will be the last time because we are capping it this fall.  Every year, most of the babies end up dying by falling into the hearth while trying to fly.  We never have a fire going, but the fall breaks bones.  This little one beat the odds by clinging to the cinder blocks along the side of the chimney and trying to fly up, then cling again, then fly up some more.  It almost made it back to the nest a couple of times before I pulled it off the side of the chimney the last time it fell most of the way down.  It then hung out on the sidewalk for a while before I convinced it to cling to the side of our patio wall.  It was gone when I checked later.

I used “Up in the Air” by the GingerBread Ladies/Blue Heart Scraps/Sweet Pea Designs/Word Art World/Dandelion Dust Designs.