This summer, I've been learning how to work in 3-D, using a program called Daz 3D.  I started out with the figure in purple (by herself and in the small top picture).  Then I experimented with scenery, creating the elf in the ruins, by using a preset scene, adding rocks, and dressing and posing the figure.  After that, I created some cat figures, two more people, and set them up in a preset scene where I changed the colors and textures of most of the things in it.  Three cats and two people were too much for the scene to handle when it rendered into a two-dimensional PNG, so I took out the orange cat and added him back in using GIMP (my regular photo program, like Photoshop).  A few days ago, I created the fairy in the cabin scene that's in the middle of the page and left most of the cabin alone but played around with the variety of shaders included with the program to get the roof the way I wanted it.  I added the trees and grass.  Now I'm working on a cave home for the fairy, for a project I'm doing with a girl I tutor.  The figure in the red head scarf was one I was playing around with, too, figuring out different texture settings.

I used a template from “Wanderlust” by Miss Fish and everything else is from “Fresh Start 2020” by the GingerBread Ladies/Jumpstart Designs/LDrag Design/Shepherd Studio/Magical Scraps Galore.  I made the title alpha from a font called “Excalibur” and the text font is “Kristen ITC.”