This ATC is for an alphabet challenge at another site. I'm doing television shows as my theme this go-round. JOURNALING: "I Love Lucy," one of the iconic sit-coms from TV's early years, aired from 1951-1957 (181 episodes) and starred the married Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as housewife Lucy Ricardo and band-leader husband Desi. It was the most-watched show in the U.S. in 4 of its 6 seasons and voted the best show of all time in 2012. Anecdote: Ball's real-life pregnancy became part of the series. 71.7% of US TV's were tuned in for the birth of the Ricardo baby, set to air 1/19/53, the date Ball was set for a C-section. The plan to shoot 2 episode endings and use the one that matched the sex of the real baby fell through. Producer Jess Oppenheimer and Arnaz went with a the boy ending. After Desi Arnaz, Jr. was delivered on the air date, Desi told the producer, "Lucy followed your script. Ain't she something?" CREDITS: TELEVISION: from clipart library; clipart; Edu-Clips; Pngocean; KITS: "Cinco de Mayo" by Boomers Girl Designs and Luv Ewe Designs; "Steampunk Laboratory" by Rebecca McMeen and Tangie Baxter; "Magnificent Men" by Rebecca McMeen; "Mini J's" by Courtney's Designs;  INFORMATION: from the web (and memory); FONT: Arial