9/5/19:  Tabby resting mostly-comfortably in the rocking chair.  9/3/20:  Rainbow’s 1st birthday “party.”  I can't believe it's already been a year since we had to put Tabby to sleep!  I miss her every day, and I know Scott does, too. The other cats miss her sometimes, too.  This picture was taken 8 days before the day we took her in.  She was fading:  kitty dementia, arthritis, losing weight, just not thriving, and personality changes.  She wasn't the same cat anymore, and she knew it, too.  We had just adopted Shadow because we knew we were going to lose some, and we ended up losing Rori and Starla, too, before the end of the year.  Fast-forward to this year, and Shadow is a little over a year old.  We adopted another kitten, Rainbow, and she just turned a year old on the 3rd.  We gave all the cats a treat of canned cat food to celebrate.  Panther was still waking up, so he had breakfast in bed!  Our current clowder (group of cats) is Freya (10), Heimdall (10), Tigress (9), Dare (8), Panther (7), Sherbet (7), Autumn (6), Shadow (1), and Rainbow (1).


I used a template from “Journal Templates” by The Cherry On Top, 2 clusters from “Then and Now” by Blue Heart Scraps, a paper from “Painted Autumn Sampler” by Karen Schultz (as Snickerdoodle Designs), and a paper from “Painted Autumn Add-On” by Karen Schultz.