The three people were created, from left to right, on 9-21-20, 9-29-20, and 10-3-20.  The two designs on the pencils were created on 8-23-20 and 9-29-20.  The scenes are captioned, clockwise from the top left:  fairy flying with dragonets 8-26-20, self-portrait of myself creating the drummer scene at the point where I realized I’d had a dream about that exact thing years ago 9-1-20, scene based on myself when I played drumset and had a set like this 9-9-20, autumn scene underneath 9-22-20, two kids in dress clothes playing hide-and-seek 9-8-20, and a fall scene using a photo I took as a background 9-16-20.


I used the challenge word art (added to the scene on the phone), a template from “Teen-Tude” by The Cherry On Top, 4 papers & an element from “Surviving School” by Karen Schulz & ADB Designs, and 4 papers from “Across the Miles” by Dandelion Dust Designs.