This is the right hand side of the two-page layout documenting our journey across the world this October 2020. Relocating during the global pandemic is not a simple matter. Kit used is October daily download Across the Miles, which is exactly what our life in October was: the kids and I stuck back in Europe waiting for the extraordinary permission to enter Indonesia during the state of emergency while my husband had got his visa and had to leave earlier. The journaling on this page reads:
On Tue morning we took the COVID test. Being there at 4am was no biggie for us, and after 10 hours of stress - what if the three weeks of almost total isolation had been in vain - we knew we had tested negative. Hurrah! Btw, the test itself wasn't as bad as it is said to be.
The day started with school at 2:50 am for the kids and 6 hours of packing for me. Weighing the suitcases to perfection so we'd have exactly 30kg each required a lot of muscle power but the lady's expression at the check-in counter was priceless.
The kids slept on the way to the airport. And then... we were on the way!!!
The journey itself was surreal. Wearing a mask and a shield for most of the 22 hours we spent travelling was so 2020. But we are so thankful it was possible at all. Oh, and for WIFI on board too. Qatar Airways rules!
...and then we were finally together in our new home. No more 2am starts. No more living on different continents. Tukini who was so eager to see us she went to get us to the airport with Josef. Later that night we had the most delicious dinner prepared by her: fried shrimps, spring rolls and sushi. That was the first time in her life Katie had tried shrimps. She loved them.