This is the left hand side of the two-page layout documenting our relocation go Jakarta this October. Kit used is Across the Miles from October daily download... which perfectly reflects our family situation last month: torn between two continents and half the world inbetween. There are no words to express just how grateful we are that moving and reuniting was at all possible when all seemed hopeless. The journaling on this page reads:

Friday, Oct 16, as I was shopping for suitcases ahead of our journey which had been planned for 30.10 Josef called me to say that our visas had been approved and would be issued next Mon-Tue the latest - making it possible for us to travel on Wed, 22.10. This was such a relief! The COVID situation in Czech Republic has been spinning out of control for weeks and we both were worried the kids and I might get stuck there till the end of the year while Josef would be unable to leave Indonesia. Great news posed three difficulties though: packing, dog and car. Crown didn't have people available until Friday, which meant Joe would have to come and pack the house for us, so I had TONS of prep to do so he'd know what to tell the movers. Jack's paperwork wasn't ready either so he'd have to spend a week or so at a hotel. And Michal couldn't take time off on a Wednesday so would send his parents for the car and his buddy with a van to take us to the airport. Kids begged to see their friends one last time and I agreed to give them time on Tuesday, AFTER the COVID test. All in all, this was magical. Ningsih and Puji at the office had pulled a miracle getting us those visas in the nick on time. We left one day before the lock-down.