This is the left hand side of the two-page layout documenting our non-traditional Thanksgiving on a Sunday in November 2020. The kit used is A Year in Review by Gingerbread Ladies (Monthly Mix from a while ago).
The journaling reads:
1. Jack
2. Jakarta job offer
3. Jack survived quarantine unscathed
4. Trump lost the US elections (even though we don't really care)
5. Daddy survived his ordeal
6. We discovered thermal lakes
7. Michal has friends in the compounds
8. We managed to relocate amidst the pandemics
9. I have improved in Bedwars (Michal in Minecraft hypixel)
10. Mornings by the pool
11. Home office
12. First wave of Covid was fun family time
13. Teaching online still possible in Jakarta
14. Din Tai Fung in Jakarta
15. Tukini is available
16. Katie discovered Arizona (drink)
17. Billiard and ping pong table
18. Joe and Fia got married
19. Joe and Fia got pregnant: the baby is on the way
20. Katie can do Music for IGCSE
21. We climbed that mountain and lived to tell the tale
22. Weather in Jakarta
23. Mangos and bananas
24. Coffee in the bottles that I don't need to brew (Katie)
25. Dr Pepper in Jakarta
26. The SHRIMP in Jakarta
27. Gigantic TV for PS4 with YouTube on it
28. Onnomis with friends and family
29. Katie learned to cook
30. We haven't caught Corona!