The captions on the photos say:  (1) Grieg Lodge, Portland, OR, (2) teaching via Skype (screenshot from a class), (3) teaching via Zoom (screenshot from a class).  The signpost reads:  (1) 1994-1996, Columbia, (2) 1996-2000, college (break), (3) 2000-2003, Columbia, (4) 2005-2020, Grieg, (5) 2013-now, Skype, (6) 2020-now, Zoom.

I started teaching Norwegian in 1994 (at age 16) at Columbia Lodge in Vancouver, WA.  I grew up bilingual and also took classes there, so when Inga needed another teacher she asked me to help out.  I taught there until college, then took a break from teaching language classes to focus on my degree in education.  After college, I went back to teaching at Columbia Lodge.

Once I moved to Portland, I realized that it was going to be too tough for me to do the commute by bus to Vancouver and back while still working in Beaverton.  I dropped my teaching position for almost 2 years, until I was asked to teach at Grieg Lodge in Portland because their teacher had just quit.  By that time, I was working as a nanny, so I had some added flexibility in my hours.

I started teaching a little girl in Orlando over Skype in 2013.  Her daycare teacher had come across my information online and so the girl’s mother contacted me.  I thought that would work, so I learned to use Skype.  I was still teaching at Grieg, but a couple of my students there wanted to try to have class by Skype, too.

As of December 2020, I am no longer working at Grieg and have my own business teaching classes over Zoom!

I used parts from “Chart Your Own Course” and “Game Night,” both by CathyK Designs.