Credits: My Blue Heaven by Digitalegacies Designs (Me)


This was a kit I did when I was a designer for about six months in 2009. I did the kit to celebrate my own elopement. The top picture was what my brother called our “’wedding trading cards’ – get them before they're on eBay” when we gave them to everybody after our announcement that we’d been married yesterday on Christmas Eve.


We got married in the early part of the day because he was working nights that week. And seriously when he went to work telling everybody at work that getting married is what he did earlier in the day, I scrapbooked the wedding announcements. This year, 12 years later, he was working the night shift (but thanks to Covid working at home) and I was scrapbooking about being married 12 years. It's not for any challenges, but it was a fun layout to do and a fun one to share.