Journaling reads:
From Grandad Morrison’s life story:

When we were married, your great-grandad, nan's dad, asked me to go and work for him driving horses as he wanted us all working in the business which at that time was very good.  Nan's dad had 21 horses and was carting machinery to docks which was heavy work.  Some cases were up to three tons and we had to get them off the wagon by a steel bar and prize them off and slide them down two heavy pieces of wood which hooked on side of wagon.  Those days the only time the things were lifted off was five tons or over, not like now everything is lifted on and off.  Well, I drove the last paid of horses he had until in 1926, the general strike then I went and changed my job.

My grandad worked for Hose Brothers Carters in Liverpool.  We believe it was founded by James Hose (1847-1924) and Henry Hanty Hose (1840-1910). When my grandfather worked there, the business was run by grandad’s father in law, James Henry Hose (1868-1948), who was the son of James.

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