kit: Untitled Chapter by Bella Gypsy Designs

journaling:   The day you were born. My world changed forever.   I became a stronger person. I learned to face my fears of blood and needles. I met some amazing people in NICU (the neonatalogists that treated you, the nurses that are forever our family, and fellow NICU roomates). Each one played an important role in your life But all of them helped me so much beyond words. I still to this day remember some of those conversations through all the nights of insomnia and worrying. To the very fond memories of the first day you got to wear clothing, the day you stamped your handprints on the shirt and all over you, your first day to allow me to hold you. I had been going every day to the hospital except when I was sick and ddin;t want to get you sick or your fellow NICU friends. On those days I would call and talk to the nurses. I called even on days when I would come see you because I always wanted to make sure you wre well.  I knew you were in good hands between God’s will and the amazing nurses that cared for you during our NICU stay. 

   This picture was fifty-two days into our NICU journey but one of the most impactful days in my life. It was the day that I could finally get to hold you for the first time. I was so happy beyond words when we got the clearance to be able to hold you. No more going to the incubator and having you just hear my voice as I talked to you. I got to actually hold you. Not just a finger for you to wrap your entire hand around but the joy on you being in my arms.

   As we look through the pictures I would take of you daily. When we see this one you always tell me how tiny you were. This picture does show how tiny you were when you joined us. For me it shows me how much with faith and willpower you can overcome. Everyday I am grateful for God granting my wish and having you in my life. You truly are an inspiration. You always remind me of how much you fought and went through during our beginning and still continue to climb and strive. Especially given you started out the size of a ruler and weighed one pound and five ounces when you were born.  

   I love you to the world and back and am honored that you are my little angel that I am blessed to call my son. Everyone that meets you loves you. You are a great little boy. You always like to correct me and tell me you are not a little boy that you are now almost nine years old; however, like I tell you correct my words but even when you are a hundred years old that you will still be my baby boy (today, tomorrow and everyday). xoxo