The word art says, “create one of a kind art.”  The captions for the photos, clockwise from the top left, are:  chair from the Sølverud farm, made 1650; chair from the Sølverud farm, made 1650; beautiful burl on the Forberge farm, 1977; and Thor & Kari Nåpåstå with Mom, 1977.  The top journaling says:  Most of my Norwegian ancestors were craftspeople of some variety.  When Mom & Dad went to the Sølverud farm in August 1977, Mom's relatives were quick to point out a piece of furniture that had been made by a relative around 1650.  It's called a "kubbestol" and is made from one piece of wood, usually the stump of a tree from the crafter's farm, then painted in the local rosemaling style.  The crafter's initials are on the back of this one, and the rosemaled work is in the Telemark style, which is the region that the farm is in.  The journaling on the bottom says:  On one of the other family farms in the Telemark area, the Forberge farm, Mom & Dad met Thor & Kari Nåpåstå.  The Forberge farm is part of the Nåpåstå farm outside of Bo, Telemark.  Thor was a kubbestol maker and painter, and Kari helped him with some of the rosemaling.  The burl with the tarp over it was something that Thor was going to carve but, as he told Mom & Dad, "It's a beautiful piece, but I don't know what it's going to be yet.  It hasn't told me."

I used the “Create Easy and Free 49” template from Tinci Designs, 1 paper & 3 elements from “Craft Fair” by the GingerBread Ladies/ADBDesigns/Down This Road Designs/Miss Fish, a paper from “Celtic Charm” by Kristmess, a paper from “Chart Your Own Course” by CathyK, a paper from “Making Memories” by the GingerBread Ladies/Snickerdoodle Designs, a paper & an element from “Rise & Shine” by the GingerBread Ladies/Craft-tastrophic/Connie Prince, a paper & an element from “Summer Bucket List” by the GingerBread Ladies/Kristmess/Dandelion Dust Designs, an element from “2019 September Mini Kit” by Connie Prince, an element from “2019 June Mini Kit” by Connie Prince, an element from “Painted Autumn Sampler” by Snickerdoodle Designs, and an element from “Good Reads” by Aimee Harrison.