Ice Ice

March 15, 2021

Journaling Reads:

Calvin & Rosie had been learning about polar seas in their homeschooling so we did a little experiment with them using ice. They each got two ice cubes and poured salt on one of them and held the other one in their hand and waited to see which one melted first. Of course, a lot of giggling ensued since the ice was so cold on their hands, but Rosie persisted and the ice cube in her hand melted first. It took longer for the salt to melt the ice, so they came back later to observe it and though it was neat that the salt melted holes though the ice and finally did melt it all together.

• All created in the Affinity app

• I started with a white background then layered the two different elements over the background to create the design.


• A is for Awesome by Just Because Studio from GingerScraps