I used a kit by Tami Miller Designs called Read a Good Book

my journaling:
I was making quilts for my grandkids weddings so if I am not here there will be a quilt for them from me. I then decided to make each of my children a quilt for Christmas this year. I did a Star War for Edward, Wizard of Oz for Cindy, fishing for Jason, hunting for Jonathan, let Julie pick one I already had done, Dodger for Shawna. They were all easy to do. Becky said she wanted a book quilt. I looked and looked for patterns. All that I found were too small. I took a couple patterns and made up my own quilt pattern. Other than the bookcase and border fabric there was only one fabric used twice. It was because it was a different design on the fabric that I wanted to use. Each book was cut out separate from all others. I then designed each block but had to make sure it was the same size as the other blocks and would match with the shelf unit. It has some errors but I was pleased when it was finished. Now I need to take it to the lady who quilts them for me and have it quilted. Then I will bind it and I will have all the quilts for my children done for Christmas this year. It has been fun doing a quilt for each of them with something that interests them. I am hoping they will all be excited for the quilts.