My great-uncle Art Moe built this replica of the old Nidaros Church just outside of Sioux Falls, SD.  The altarpiece, organ, and pews are from the original.  The pews were cut in half to fit in two columns, because this replica is scaled down.  Weddings are held here sometimes now, and it's a tourist attraction.  The stained-glass window in the center is a detail from a picture of one of the original windows that also got reused in the replica.

Most of the other windows are not original ones from the old church.  Art came out here to Washington State for a visit while he was constructing the church and happened to say something about how hard it was to match windows or find someone who could.  My uncle on the other side of my family was taking a class in making stained-glass art, so he helped Art make the other windows.  The replica was dedicated on 8/15/1993.

I used 3 papers from "Craft Fair" by the GingerBread Ladies/Down This Road Designs/Key Lime Digi Design/Karen Schulz.  I created the template myself and the pictures are ones I took on a trip back to the Midwest while in college in the late 1990s.