Top left: great-Grandmother Hattie Ballenger, Bottom left Grandmother Elsie Ballenger, Top right my mother Jo and one of her many doll dress creations and bottom me in my apron at Halloween.

Journaling: I come from a long line of talented seamstresses and gardeners and yet I can barely sew a button on and I and the killer of all plants that come into my orbit. My Great-Grandmother Hattie and My Grandmother Elsie often competed and won first place at the Walker County Fair for both flowers and sewing pursuits. My mother was a very talented seamstress and made many beautiful clothes and elaborate doll dresses. Me, I once sewed a simple apron in Girl Scouts that used as part of a rag doll costume when I was 10. I haven't sewn a straight line since, (and that one wasn't straight either).

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