A Night in Bethlehem by Scraps N Pieces
Leaves, ric rac (recolored) and some flowers by Aprilisa Designs (A Boy's Life and Blooming Into Spring)

Picture templates from template by Miss Fish

Fiber: string, stiches, ric arc, trim, ribbon, burlap banner

Journaling: I have been truly blessed in my life to have such wonderful family members and friends. As my collection of nativity scenes grew over the years to over 350 in 2020, so many people have contributed to my collection either by hunting down scenes from new countries to lovingly making scenes by hand. My mom and sister have been the biggest contributors to my collection and have made me many scenes. They are always on the hunt for new, creative scenes to add to my collection.

My mom, sister and I started quilting together when my sister and I were in college. We focused on making baby quilts for our many cousins and friends. We had a system where my sister would cut, my mom would sew and I would iron, hand my mom pieces and make sure colors were in the right order. We had a system down pat!

Without me knowing, they quilted me a nativity scene. The middle hoop was made in 2005 as a surprise for me when I had a display at my grandparent’s retirement home in St. Charles, Missouri. The other two hoops were added for Christmas in 2008.

This scene is just one of the quilted scenes they have made for me. They quilted a large wall hanging together. My mother has hand stitched redwork embroidery on a stuffed scene for me. I know how much my family loves me by all the hard work they have put into my collection.