This is for a challenge at another site. We were given a vintage photo and had to make up a “cock & bull” story about it and scrap a page.

JOURNALING: My Uncle Teddy was always “spinning yarns”. One day he told me he was “this close” to becoming a “rock star”.  According to Teddy a rock band came thru town looking for a new member. One of the “rockers” heard Teddy playing the guitar and invited him to try out. Things were going great, he said, until he pulled out his trusty harmonica and started accompanying himself. The lead singer, a bald guy, quickly ended the session, reminding his pals that the band’s name was “Trilogy” so a fourth member just wouldn’t work. I wondered about this story especially after I found this photo and old harmonica in the attic.

CREDITS: PHOTOS – (Harmonica/Guitar Player) Provided for challenge by New York Public Library via Unsplash; (Rock Band) From Pexels; (Harmonica) From Clip Art; KITS – “The Farmer Says”, Kristin Stewart; “For Those About to Rock”, Kristin Aagard; “Kiss the Cook”, Artgal Styles; “I Scream”, Fran B Designs; FONT - Arial