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Journaling: I have a set of memories that don’t cover just one event or even one summer. One of the things that I did a lot in the summer was to pick strawberries at Keith’s U-Pick in Havelock. I sometimes went with my first husband, sometimes with the children, other times I took my mother-in-law and sometimes my younger sisters-in-law went. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of these picking trips. I did find some photos that represent what I remember. The strawberry farm had fields that had straw between the rows, rows  that seemed to go on forever. We would settle down to pick the ripe berries and place them into quart berry boxes. We kept the boxes from year to year. It took 12 boxes to fit into a flat. Each time we went to Keith’s we would pick 2-3 flats. There were some years that we would make more than one trip to pick berries. There is nothing like fresh berries from the field. I had recipes from my mother-in-law and from cook books and canning guides to help me transform all those berries into food for my family. I made home made strawberry jam and jelly, strawberry-rhubarb jam, strawberry-rhubarb crisp and pie. Strawberries frozen for smoothies before smoothies were a thing. Some of those jars of jam and jelly made Christmas gifts for family and friends. My grandmother and grandfather always loved getting a bottle or two.