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I guess you could say I cut my Bibliophile teeth on Nancy Drew books. It all began when aunt Frances and grandma Anderson took me shopping for back-to-school clothes in elementary school. It just so happened there was a display of Nancy Drew books on sale and they caught my interest. I convinced my aunt and grandma that I had to have one of these books and they gave in and bought one for me. This was the start of many trips to the local library to feed my desire to ingest the written word. I collected many more Nancy Drew books on subsequent back-to-school shopping trips and they made every move with me until my granddaughters showed an interest in reading. I divided my collection up between them and I sincerely hope they enjoyed them as much as I did. Carolyln Keene opened a whole new universe for me where I could soar on my imagination and live the story through her words. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I were not able to read a book. Even to this day, I will collect them throughout the winter months and when it gets warm enough to sit on the back porch, I will escape into the pages of each book until reality calls me back to earth because I have to fix dinner, lol!