I used the "Spring Beauty" collab by the GingerBread Ladies/Ilonka's Designs/Dandelion Dust Designs.  The font is "Christina."  The poem is an original by me.

First heralds of spring,
from a carpet of flat leaves
overnight to a fragrant forest floor
covering the backyard.

Is it spring yet?  Have the violets bloomed?
Every year, racing home to see
and running through the yard
with arms wide open,
gathering in the sight, scent, and sun
like I was a flower myself.

Still looking, every spring,
wherever I go,
coming upon my friends in the oddest of places:
a business flowerbed here,
along the side of the road there,
and over there, a clump in a heart
surrounding the base of a tree.

Smiling as I breathe in their heavy scent,
taking out my camera to capture the memory,
with all the other memories
shining bright in my mind
of springs past, but not gone.

Karen Thompson, 5/9/21.